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Massage For All

Our eyes, ears, nose and tongue hold the receptors for our sense of sight, hearing, smell and taste respectively. The largest organ of our body is the skin. Skin contains the receptors for our sense of TOUCH, which makes our sense of TOUCH unique.

TOUCH plays an important role in human development from infancy to seniors and the dying.

Because of our world situations TOUCH has become almost obsolete and that very important instinct of need has been replaced by a sense of fear of getting to close.

The University of Miami School of Medicine established the first Touch Institute in 1992. It was the first center devoted solely to the study of touch and its application in science and medicine. The touch institutes have researched the effects of massage therapy at all stages of life from newborns to senior citizens. These studies have demonstrated that TOUCH therapy has many positive effects on the system.
Massage fulfills, if done properly, this very basic and fundamental need of being comforted and touched and offers more health benefits than anyone formerly realized.

Massage for example

Improves circulation

Improves immune function by improving and circulating the lymph system.

Reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins.

Alleviates depressive symptoms

Facilitates weight gain in premature infants.

Alters the EEG (brain waves ) in the direction of heightened awareness.

Relaxes the muscle and improves flexibility.

Increases endurance and reduces fatigue.

Corrects structural defects caused by tightness.

With additional music helps to relax the mind and release the spirit.

Massage has been found to also help meet that basic need and offers additional health benefits that if done on a regular basis may keep you healthier and mentally happier than any other modality.
Massage has also been proven to be useful for hospice patients in managing stress and alleviating pain, which can reduce the need for psychotropic and narcotic medications, all of which can have negative side effects.

TOUCH provides comfort, MASSAGE provides TOUCH, for an all over “FEEL GOOD” and “HEALTHIER” YOU…… Reach for all you can!

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